I am a Primary Teacher in Christchurch, NZ, who is passionate about developing e-learning in school. Here is my blog to record my findings and thoughts.

How can I blog my class without having to think?

My blogging machine, my phone! 

Next week we are on camp, everyone is looking forward to it lots are also having worried thoughts, parents and students! I want to post photos and comments each day to connect with the parents at home and keep a record of our cool experience. How can I do it? Well, I can't upload on my laptop as there will be no wifi, I can't blog on our LMS with my phone because we are not compatible with mobile devices and parents need to get their child's logins. I want my parents to have the easiest access to the posts. I started a blog on blogger and made it all access. Then I thought how will my parents know that I have posted? I would have to email them, I can't get my group address going on my phone, how will I easily email all my parents? I'm only at camp for three days, I just want to capture a moment then post it. 

Then I figured it out, I will post to the school facebook page! I will send an email before camp giving all the parents the facebook url, even if they are not on facebook they can check the posts daily. Hopefully they will sign up/friend the school facebook if they haven't already and then I have instant connection with my posts. Done. 

I just want to post, no thinking, no time spent, just do it! 

 Why was it so hard for me to figure out the camp blog? Now I know why my class blog has fallen behind or at best is up to date but with only with my posts of photos, videos of class life. It's just too hard. Too hard to get students to update during their busy day, too hard for parents to log on, so there is no audience, too hard to convince students that it is worthwhile, they would rather update their personal school blogs, one student updates his own blog outside school. My blogger app on my phone lets me upload and post on the spot. I won't have to go to my computer after the lesson, during lunch, in between meetings or in downtime when I could be looking at my students learning. I can do it from my pocket, no wires, no delay. My blogger blog is open access, I will send my link to all parents, they have an instant comment option. 

Next year there is a possibility to go BYOD, so with each student capable of having a mobile device/laptop this could expand, record of experience, reflections, comments could all happen seamlessly, no need for scheduled time, just make it part of the culture. I want to be like this in my room, instead of recording to post later, I will post 'now'. Imagine a reflection time at the end of the day looking at the class blog. What have we done today? Why did we do it? How did it go for you? It's all there, already!

Enough talk, it's Term 4 next week, I'm just going to do it, I wonder how it will go...?

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