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Nick Rate Article

See above Link - Nick Rate talks about why e-portfolios are a good idea and how to understand their purpose.

I like the defining of three types -

Styles of e-portfolios:

While there are many types of e-portfolios, Nick said that there are three basic forms and often an eportfolio can be a blend of each:
  1. The Process e-portfolio
  2. The Showcase e-portfolio
  3. The Accountability e-portfolio
The Showcase type is the traditional portfolio that most would be familiar with. Graphic artists, designers, photographers, architects and the like have always made use of this type of portfolio to showcase their work. It still has a significant place in the learning environment, but it’s not the only type. The reasons for each of the main types can be summarised as:
  • Process e-portfolio: supports students towards achieving their learning goals
  • Showcase e-portfolio: celebrates learning outcomes and shows the highest level of achievement
  • Accountability e-portfolio: documents learning for achievement of specific outcomes or standards.

I also like the idea of the cyles of e-portfolio

One idea is the verbal/video self assessments students can give to each piece of work, interesting that more can be gauged from the voice/intonation etc... than just writing down. Will take practice though. When we have evaluated voicethread projects students are still getting used to seeing them selves and hearing their own voice.

Jill - In addition - Nick recognises that Portfolios will look different as children move through the school - we need to recognise that one size will nto fit all with regard to portfolios - a Year 1 portfolio may look very different to a Year 8 portfolio.

A below is a graphic demonstrating potential thinking as to how a portfolio changes over time.

The download under here titled ePortfolios - Celebrating Learning is worth looking at - written (among others) by Ian Fox who is regarded as a world leader in this area, Viv Hall (MyPLS) and Nick Rate. Cheers, Jill.

Helen Barrett is the world wide guru of ePortfolios - having been involved for nearly 20 years.

Link here ....

Here Helen discusses use of web2.0 tools as a mashup. About 8.10 she talks about Pink's elements of motivation and how these apply to e-Portfolios. She also asks the question as to whether your ePortfolio has voice .... something I had not considered before but no that I think about it of great importance. - Jill.

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