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Scratch in the classroom

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 Here is my first Scratch Project at my new school, I have posted it on the Scratch.MIT website. This is the result of three sessions with a group of Year 6 students and most have managed to complete a similar game with the above features. I tried to scaffold the main stages of the project as I would try to build it -

Sprite movement
Touching Penalty
Bananas for points
Adding a score (using variable)
Adding a soundtrack Adding Monsters (+monster consequences!)
Adding a Timer
Adding the 'End Game'

Students are finding the sessions an engaging challenge as they strive to create the game I have shown them. They are eager to crack on to the next session where they will get to start their own game and add their own creative variations to the basic maze game format. Already they are itching to change my original scaffold and have been asking questions and discovering for themselves how to amend their scripts and programme the game they desire.

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