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BYOD - some thoughts

Ben Britton gives his account of how he used BYOD in some Year 9 classes. I like his approach to fears of distraction with technology such as You Tube. for Ben this is a class management issue not a tech issue. He refers to the students that go off task with YouTube would be going off task with other traditional activities (paper aeroplanes, doodling etc...). My lovely Year 6 class have such characters and as I think about it, they would too! They love being distracted by Minecraft videos, they also use doodling when not in front of a computer! 

His point about the support culture that has developed in the classroom as students strive to solve tech problems themselves is great. The way students combine to solve each others problems really encourages that collaborative idea and supports empathy in the social group. 

Check out this great EdTalk by Claire Amos on her school's BYOD Policy. I love the openess of the policy and the emphasis on the great tools like google docs, google sites, facebook and twitter.

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