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You Tube, reading and critical thinking

Check this blog post by Yvonne Ho

Ten Fun Ways to Use YouTube Videos in an Online Literature Class

Really like the examples and the responses. On mention of critical thinking which can be supported with discussions from the You Tube Clips. 

Great to find actual book reviews/commentary on texts you read in guided groups. Also to get students to create their own own critical reviews. a great tool for presenting (or broadcasting). 

See below a little example of how language can be presented in a different format - Roald Dahl's Revolting Rhymes - so much to admire here - a year 6 student asked if she could share it, the class have read this but still find it hilarious to watch, hanging on every rhyme and then erupting with laughter as the joke plays out. 

Our class Novel is Kaspar by Michael Morpurgo, after reading this article I YouTubed Morpurgo and Kaspar and found an introduction, a background and a reading from the pages I had just read in class last week! I am now planning how to share these clips and link these to the skills we are focussing on in class, a great way to introduce the difficult skills of evaluating author purpose as well as other skills.

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