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Maybe I’ve been Thinking Wrongly

Maybe I’ve been Thinking Wrongly

David Warlick reflects on his initial reluctance to celebrate the ipad as a classroom tool - my school recently went through a long process of deciding wether to invest in ipads to replace old laptops and further more to set up a 1:1 ipad class after a couple of years of running 1:1 laptop programs. My thinking on this has changed since this process. David states,

I’ve been comparing iPads to laptops — when I should be comparing them to pencils and papers.
Since using an ipod for my personal use  I have realised more and more, the potential for the ipod and therefor the ipad in the classroom. I initially spent time thinking what we would 'lose' if we switched to ipads over laptops and then tried to list what we would 'gain'. Both these words became more and more problematic as myself and colleagues tried to collate a simple list. 

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